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Roxana Savin is a photographic artist originally from Romania. A law graduate, Roxana left her home country together with her husband to work abroad in the legal field.

While living in Moscow, she changed her career to become a full time photographer and artist. Roxana studied photography at Fine Art School of Photography Moscow and was awarded an MA Photography with Distinction by Falmouth University UK.

Roxana’s award winning artist book, ‘I’ll be late tonight’, is inspired by her experience of living as a housewife and stay at home mother in a gated expatriate community in Russia.



Ritika graduated from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in 2006. She creatively integrates her culinary skills with her cultural heritage from India, and her international food experiences while living in Tel-Aviv, New York and Geneva.

Through her brand @Spice my Day, Ritika offers not only corporate and event catering but also vibrant cooking lessons and has just launched a new concept in Geneva, the Spice club lunch series.

The dishes highlighted in Spice My Day cooking classes are global with the highest importance put on quality of the ingredients used. She believes that educating her participants on what to buy is an essential step of having a star dish. Secondly, she believes that it is essential that one is fully present while cooking for oneself or their family. “When I cook, I feel like I am dancing with all my senses, and humming my emotions into the food,” she says. She is convinced that the vibrations one puts in their food is what they put outside in the world. The emphasis on how to cook them with the right balance of flavors, textures, and colors is something she pays special attention to. Being a spice enthusiast, she believes that life and food can be both mundane if you don’t spice them up. Using a hint of one spice or a sprinkling of another, she believes she can elevate even the simplest of dishes. Lastly, she knows that a stellar presentation is the key to engaging all the senses even before one starts eating because it psychologically communicates the quality, creativity and passion of the cook.



Leticia Maciel, director and founder of espace_L art gallery was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1973. She studied journalism and graduated with an MBA in retail. Leticia has worked in different industries such as communications and publishing, before moving to Geneva in 2006. With the creation of  espace_L in 2011, Leticia's desire was to offer an original concept, a place to exchange ideas and promote encounters. Espace_L's aim is also to be a bridge between european and brazilian contemporary art.

espace_L  is not only a nod to Leticia's name but also a play on words, "elle" in French, as Leticia is a strong advocate for women artists, regularly showing their works.

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Shizuka Lisa McNeill is a finance professional having worked in the fields of interest rates and equity investing on both Wall Street and in a London based hedge-fund. Born in New York, raised in Tokyo, Cupertino, & Ottawa; Lisa holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University and an MBA from INSEAD. After working in New York and the UK, Lisa has been living in Geneva for the past 15 years.

More recently and based on her own personal experience, Lisa realised how often women neglect to prioritise financial planning. Life events tend to be the main catalyst or necessity for women to lean into financial literacy. With her extensive, specialised and global professional background, Lisa now aims, through her firm AVoyage, to share her knowledge with groups of women. Fit for beginners, Lisa’s online course provides women across the world with the necessary tools to achieve financial planning goals and demystify key concepts. The objective is assisting to build an automated investment method to durably protect and grow your assets.

Lisa will share with us her personal journey which motivated her vision to make financial planning accessible for women and the tools she uses to achieve this.



Paola Genovese is the founder of Philanthropic Adventures which began in 2016 with her urge to share her philanthropy journey with her own children. Paola’s mission through her non profit association is to empower young people to take action, helping them understand that they can be part of the solutions to create a better world.

With a BA in International Relations and Psychology, Paola has always had a keen interest in individuals as well as global issues. Her deep sense of empathy made her see the world as a place of interconnectedness to which she could contribute.

Paola’s career began in a young but dynamic start up. She then honed her skills during her lengthy experience in NGOs and research. Throughout her professional experience, Paola acquired and perfected the necessary expertise and confidence to develop her own social program: Philanthropic Adventures offers an educational program for young people to find information, inspiration and support to take action for social and environmental issues they care about.

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Fransie Malherbe Frandsen is a fine artist, writer and illustrator. She was born in Cape Town, but lived and studied in several countries, before settling in Geneva. Fransie’s background is in Graphic Design and Art Psychotherapy.

Fransie’s fine art work has been internationally acclaimed, exhibited throughout Europe and included in Art Anthology 2022, a book showcasing upcoming contemporary artists. Fransie takes inspiration from her childhood in politically challenged South Africa as well as her diverse cultural exposure and her experience working as an art psychotherapist with marginalised individuals. Fransie’s work has recently been described as Artivism, the use of artistic expression to activate awareness and social change.

Fransie has also successfully written/illustrated and published a series of children’s books, called Alexander’s Questions. During her practise as an art psychotherapist in London, Fransie worked with vulnerable families and children and focused mainly on attachment and bonding between parents and children. The importance of parent child-communication, which is the essence of healthy attachment and bonding, is an underlying theme explored in her illustrated book series.

Fransie writes extensively for the UK press and converses on BBC Radio on subjects close to her heart, such as youth mental health, attachment and bonding, and the importance of reading with children.


Instagram: @artfox.bookwolf



Bosnia-born Vanja Jocic is the sole founder of the eponymous atelier and brand based in Geneva, Switzerland since 2016.

After having had a corporate job in strategic planning and finance, Vanja decided to take a career break and learn a craft out of curiosity and became an apprentice at the world famous Prudence Millinery in London. The couture millinery has been the long time designer for Vivienne Westwood, amongst other iconic fashion houses. While working in her atelier, Vanja fell in love with the craft and its deep-rooted traditions and the idea to create a couture custom hat atelier was born. Vanja strongly believes that headwear is very relevant in today’s fashion landscape and as part of everyday outfits and self expression.

By Vanja Jocic couture hats also fosters collaborations aiming to bring craftswoman from across the globe closer together through continuous support of social initiatives. The latest examples of the socially responsible humanitarian partnerships are SEP Jordan embroidery and Kenya Craftsmanship Initiative. These collaborations are close to Vanja’s heart as they touch on her personal story and her moto : “Embrace change and new opportunities. What’s the worst thing that can happen?”.

Instagram: @byvanjajocic_hats



Irene Venetsanou was born in Athens, a place whose mystique and history inspire her to this day, captivated by the timelessness of the streets of Greece, and synchronicity of past, present and future pressing together in one place. Her experiences of native art and ceramics within this culture sparked a consuming passion that she has harnessed throughout her diverse career. Her appreciation for design, photography and composition grew while studying at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London where she lived for seven years. After relocating to Geneva, Irene focused on sculptural ceramics and attended workshops and residences in the Art Institute of Ceramics in Faenza, Italy and the International School of Ceramics in Tuscany, Italy. Since then, she has presented her works in multiple exhibitions around the world.

Irene embraces natural flaws and is inspired by imperfection, fascinated with symmetry and currently obsessed by stones and pebbles, working with the curves and combining different cambers together for a result that is different to everything she imagined in the beginning.

Since 2019, Irene has been a resident in the Bruckner Foundation in Carouge.


Tatiana Boïko is a ceramic artist born in Ukraine. She has been involved in art practice since her early age and continued to develop art projects throughout her career in the field of global communications. In parallel with her professional practice, Tatiana pursued her personal art work. Since 2018, she has been working as a full-time ceramic artist. She currently lives and works in Geneva.

Tatiana's work explores the relationship between form and glaze, and the way they can be used to create narratives about social dynamics that shape human behaviour. Through her ceramic sculptures, she explores the intricacies of social connections, rules, and habits that govern our lives. Her work has been notably exhibited at the London Art Biennale in 2021 and during the Parcours Céramique Carougeois last year.

In her own words, "For me, ceramics is an art form that encompasses four dimensions. While its sculptural aspect offers a three-dimensional experience, the glaze adds another dimension to the work. Indeed, the glaze takes the piece to another level, inviting the viewer to delve into its soul."

Since 2019, Tatiana has been a resident in the Bruckner Foundation in Carouge.



















A graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Geneva, Shima Sazegari has worked as a pharmacist and consultant in integrative medicine for more than 25 years in Geneva (notably with a natural and alternative pharmacy). During this time, she has been interested and committed to the development of natural medicine in Switzerland and in Europe. In 2017, Shima founded Swiss Alternative Medicine (SAM), a Geneva-based company whose goal is to promote a holistic integrative approach to patient care according to Swiss quality standards.

Shima’s expertise result from her years of practice as well as her continuing education with internationally recognised experts in fields such as functional medicine, homeopathy based on the vital sensation method, herbal medicine in its extended pharmaceutical application and in particular orchid essences – LTOE and the application of the Therapeutic Energy Kinesiology-TEK. Benefiting from her vast experience, Shima now offers individualised solutions adapted to each of her patients in her Genevan private therapeutic practice.

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